The Repertoire

The Director of Music needs to be mindful of many things when selecting music for liturgy (to be sung in services), ensuring that it can be performed at a high level, that it matches the spoken word and that it challenges both musicians and listeners. Some of the challenges include teaching young men to manage their changing voices through Gregorian Chant and introducing 21st Century music to congregations more attuned to and comfortable with Victorian era music. The Music Foundation aims to commission new works from young Australian composers, contributing to the body of work available and supporting up and coming composers.

Repertoire List

The Cathedral Choir sings music spanning the ages. Some of its repertoire includes


Briggs Truro Mass
Byrd Masses for Three Voices, Four Voices and Five Voices
Darke in E
Darke in F
Haydn Missa S Johannes de Deo
Haydn Missa Sancti Nicolai
Howells Collegium Regale
Hunt St Peter’s Mass (composed for St Peter’s Cathedral)
Ireland in C
Noble in B Minor
Palestrina Missa Brevis
Palestrina Missa Aeterna Christi Munera
Pellegrini Missa Brevis
Schubert in G
Stanford in B Flat
Stanford in C
Stanford in F
Swale The Lord the Giver of Life Mass (composed for St Peter’s Cathedral)
Tallis Short Service
Victoria Missa O Quam Gloriosum
Walton Missa Brevis
Wood Mass in the Phrygian Mode

Evening Canticles

Batten Short Service
Byrd Second Service
Gibbons Short Service
Howells Collegium Regale
Howells Gloucester Service
Howells in G
Jackson in G
Matthias Jesus College Service
Moore Third Service
Murrill in E
Stanford in A
Stanford in B Flat
Stanford in C
Stanford in G
Sumsion in A
Walmisley in D Minor
Wood in D
Wood in E

Anthems and Motets

Allegri Miserere mei
Attwood O God, who by the leading of a star
Bairstow I sat down under his shadow; Jesu the very thought of thee; Lamentations
Brahms Geistliches Lied
Britten Jubilate; Te Deum
Bruckner Locus Iste; Christus factus est; Os Justi; Tantum ergo; Pange lingua
Bullock Give us the wings of faith
Byrd Ave verum corpus; Sacerdotes Domine; Non vos relinquam orphanos
Carter Joy is come
Charpentier Salve puerule
Chilcott God so loved the world; Were you there; The Shepherd’s Carol
Durufle Ubi caritas
Farrant Hide not thy face; Lord, for thy tender mercy’s sake
Franck Panis angelicus
Greene O where shall wisdom be found; Lord, let me know mine end
Gibbons Almighty and Everlasting God
Howells Like as the hart
Lauridsen O nata lux
Legrenzi In manus tuas
Malcolm Ingrediente Domino
Mendelssohn There shall a start
Mozart Ave verum corpus
Palestrina Tu es Petrus; Sicut cervus
Peeters Ave verum corpus
Poulenc Timor et tremor
Rutter For the beauty of the earth; All things bright and beautiful
Skempton Beati quorum via
Shephard A new commandment
Stanford Beati quorum via; Justorum animae: Ye choirs of new Jerusalem; The Lord is my Shepherd
Stuart The Ninth Hour
Swale Tu es Petrus
Tallis O nata lux; If ye love me
Turner O Trinity, most blessed light
Joseph Twist How shall we sing in a strange land?
Vaughan Williams O clap your hands
Victoria O quam gloriosum
Walton Set me as a seal
Webbe Preces populi
Weelkes Hosanna to the son of David
Wood Hail Gladdening Light; This Joyful Eastertide

Music sung by other Cathedral Choirs in 2014 includes:

Cantores in Excelsis

Britten Missa Brevis
Carter Missa Brevis
Faure Messe Basse
Faure Ave verum corpus
Dering Above him stood the Seraphim
Hurford Litany to the Holy Spirit

Gregorian Choir

Missa de Angelis
Missa Orbis Factor
Missa Rector Cosmi Pie
Ingegneri O Domine Jesu
O sacrum convivium

Lay Clerks

Wood in E
Wood in F
Sumsion in G
Lucario Jubilate Deo universa terra

Certaine Notes

Service for Tenebrae
JCF Fischer Missa a 4 vocibus
Victoria Missa Ascendens Christus in altum
Morales Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis octavi toni
Green Evening Service in C
Ramsay Evening Service in G
Byrd Civitas sancti tui
Lassus Scapulis suis
Orlando di Lasso Precatus est Moyses
Shepherd In manus tuas
Sweelinck Cantate Domino
Victoria Ascendens Christus in altum