Being a Cathedral Chorister is an unparalleled opportunity for children to develop their hidden talents and become accomplished musicians. They are offered this musical education, unique in Adelaide, free of charge. They learn to perform the wide repertoire of music on a weekly basis, the volume of which is greater than they would experience in other choirs.

Treble Choristers rehearse weekly on Friday after school. As well as learning new repertoire, they have sight-singing and technique lessons before being joined the lay clerks for a full choir rehearsal.

The Choristers receive musical training in small groups through the RSCM’s Voice for Life programme, with the training tailored to match their individual ability and experience. Medals are awarded in recognition of their achievements in this programme. There is a focus on healthy voice use, and great attention is paid to the needs of the adolescent changing voice in both boys and girls.

Throughout the year choristers work with visiting choral experts and conductors, and are often involved in large-scale performances with professional groups such as the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and State Opera Company.

There are no fees associated with belonging to the choir. All music and robes are provided, and Choristers are eligible for scholarships to a number of Adelaide’s leading Anglican schools. Treble Choristers receive a small monthly payment for singing at services with an additional amount when they sing at weddings.