The Music Foundation supports scholarships for young musicians who are singing as lay clerks or learning the organ. The purpose of these scholarships is to assist them with their musical education.

Leonie Hempton said “One of great things about the Music Foundation is that they can provide scholarships for young musicians, so that we keep the tradition of this type of choral singing and organ-playing going. There is nowhere else in Adelaide where they can do such a thing.”

The Cathedral offers a unique opportunity for young keyboard musicians to take up organ, and the Music Foundation provides scholarships for their teaching, The Cathedral offers them opportunities to perform recitals as well as playing for services, and where appropriate, conducting. This growth in interest and skill in playing organ is all the more impressive, as it has occurred in an environment of very few young people taking up the organ in recent years and can be attributed to the encouragement and opportunity provided for young people and the collaboration with the Music

Current Music Foundation Scholarship holders

Andrew Chatterton, Past Conductor Scholar

Andrew joined the Choir after leaving Marryatville High School, where he played piano, trumpet and French horn. Andrew discovered a passion for conducting while undertaking his Music Education studies at the University of Adelaide. As a Music Foundation Scholar for both Voice and Conducting Andrew has been afforded the opportunity to conduct the Cathedral Choir for regular worship, on the Choir’s 2010-11 tour to England and Rome and for the acclaimed ABC television broadcast on Christmas Eve, 2012. Andrew has studied conducting with Johannes Fritszch, Arvo Volmer, János Fürst and Christopher Seaman as part of the Symphony Australia Conductor Development Program. He studies voice with Keith Hempton. Andrew is on the teaching staff at St Peter’s College, where he works as a Choral Specialist Teacher, taking a number of choirs and music ensembles, and as Musical Director for their school musical.

James Hemphill, Past Tenor Scholar

James came to the Cathedral as a school leaver from Marryatville High School and joined the tenor line. This is a significant challenge, as tenors are few and far between. James travelled up a steep learning curve and currently sings tenor solos in all of the significant Cathedral repertoire, from plainchant to contemporary compositions. In addition to leading his part, James assists by tutoring treble choristers in the Voice for Life program and mentors several of the teenagers transitioning from the treble line to the Lay Clerk line as tenors. He studies voice with Keith Hempton. James’ academic field of study is in Chemistry and in 2014 he awarded his Masters from the University of Adelaide. He is currently undertaking postgraduate study to enable him to teach in secondary school.

Organ Scholars

The Music Foundation currently supports two organ scholars. They are young instrumentalists who want to learn the organ and, in particular, wish to be part of the English cathedral tradition. “The Cathedral and the Music Foundation provide a particular music heritage that encompasses everything that can be done in other places. So, if they learn here, they first of all learn to play on a very wonderful organ. And they also get to play the traditional music of the Anglican Church, which is a wider range than any other tradition. All the other churches have wonderful music, but it’s not so wide-ranging. So they really get it all if they’re working here” Leonie Hempton said.

David Heah, Past Organ Scholar

David was only eight when he joined the Cathedral Choir in 2000 as a treble, and rose to the rank of Head Chorister in 2004. He sang as a baritone for a year before leaving to indulge his other passion, steam railways. David held a number of scholarships at St Peter’s College and is currently studying a double degree in petroleum and mechanical engineering at Adelaide University. He returned to St Peter’s Cathedral in 2011 to revisit his interest in playing the organ, and became an Organ Scholar the following year, mentored by David Swale and Joshua van Konkelenberg. David is currently singing tenor in the Choir. David said “We’re in an unprecedented position here at the Cathedral in having three very young organ scholars, particularly at a time when young people learning the organ is fairly rare.”

Alana Brook, Past Organ Scholar

Alana joined the Cathedral Choir as an alto after completing her secondary education at Annesley College. An accomplished pianist undertaking a double degree in Music Education and Arts at the University of Adelaide, Alana discovered a passion for organ while in the choir fuelled by assisting Joshua van Konkelenberg on the Choir’s tour to the UK and Rome in 2010-11. She began studies with Mark Joyner in 2011 and has achieved high grades in AMEB organ examinations since that time. When on overseas exchange at the University of Birmingham Alana took the opportunity to visit and play a number of significant instruments in England and Europe. Alana conducts weekday Evensong services and tutors in the Voice for Life program. She very much enjoyed sharing the role of Organist for the Choir’s 2014-15 tour to the UK and France.

Alexander Paine, Past Organ Scholar

An accomplished recorder player, Alexander became an Organ Scholar at St Peter’s Cathedral in 2010while studying at the University of Adelaide. He learns organ from Ashleigh Tobin. Alexander gave his final honours recorder recital on 23 June 2014. Alexander plays for services and sings Bass in the Cathedral Choir.
Previous Music Foundation Scholarships holders include Christine Beal, Elizabeth Ransom, Alice Gent, Terri Heath (Altos), Tomais Byrt, (Tenor) Edward Ananian-Cooper, Tom Flint, Jonathan Bligh, Edward Joyner (Basses), Anthony Hunt, Joshua van Konkelenberg, Karl Geiger, Andrew Georg, Alistair Knight (Organ).
The Thacker Medal is presented annually in memory of James B Thacker (1929-2005), who was an assistant organist and tenor in the Cathedral Choir. This medal is presented to a Lay Clerk in recognition of their musicianship and contribution to the life of the Choir. It has been awarded to Christine Beal, Glen McKie, Alana Brook, James Hemphill, Andrew Chatterton, Margot Leeson and Annabel Crompton.